Kevin P. Driver

March 2017: I have moved to a staff physicsit position at LLNL.

Kevin P. Driver

About me:

Ph.D. in computational physics (My thesis (2011)). I am currently a post doctoral researcher at UC Berkeley. See My CV.

Description of research:

My research focuses on using computer simulations to understand properties of materials in realms ranging from condensed matter (insulators, semiconductors, metals, minerals) and warm dense matter (pathways to fusion, planetary interiors) to hot dense plasmas (stars, plasma experiments). Often understanding these materials and their potential for future technology involves challengening quantum mechanical effects and/or exposure to conditions of extreme temperature and pressure that are currently inaccessible to experiments. Therefore, highly accurate, quantum, first-principle methods combined with massively parallel high performance computers are used to calculate properties of materials based on their electronic structure. The main methods I use are Quantum Monte Carlo (QMC), Path Integral Monte Carlo, (PIMC) and Density Functional Theory (DFT).

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